Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Movie Turned into Book Review: Warm Bodies (Isaac Marion)


Over this long weekend, I had a lovely date with Ms. Rachel.  We saw Warm Bodies together.  Let me set the mood for you: I thought I was going to be late for our special kinda Valentine's Day date, so Rachel went to pick out the seats.  And what do you know, she picks the one with a broken armrest! C'mon Rachelle!  What were you doing?  Didn't want to feel embarrassed in front of the one couple behind us?  Seriously, there was like nobody in the theater.  Except... those bratty preteens in the front row making stupid, audible comments and standing up?  Nonetheless, a fantastic movie.

8/10 stars
There's been comparisons to Twilight, especially after seeing those promo pictures!  Besides that and it being a love story, the similarities stop there.  Actually, this story was inspired by Romeo and Juliet (R=Romeo, Julie=Juliet, M= Mercutio, Perry= Paris, Nora= Nurse.  Your mind was just blown, wasn't it?) I know a lot of people think the idea of a human falling in love with a human is completely crazy or stupid, and I felt a little embarrassed to admit that i was reading the book about a year ago when no one knew about it.  However, I'm telling you that this movie has it all- the humor, romance, drama, action, gore.  Surprisingly, this movie was laugh out loud funny throughout.  I was surprised by this because the book was quite dark, with beautiful writing, but  if you want to attract an audience, I totally get why you'd soften the movie.  The romance was so cute!  R is such a sweet guy, and this story really embraces what it is to be human and have compassion.

Ewww.  Eating brains!! I watched a bajillion interviews and knew that the brains in the film were gelatin, but those things looked real!!!  Especially in the scene where R first sees Julie, there's quite a bit of violence in the film.  Apparently, the film was shot as an R-rated film, and later cut back to a P-13 appropriate one instead of shooting it as a P-13 to prevent it from looking like the director held back.

And let's not forget the actors!  Both Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer aren't American.  I previously knew this, so I was listening for their native accent.  Yes, it did slip a little, but if you didn't know it, you would have never know the difference.  If you're on a date watching this, neither one of you will be complaining about watching these guys.  I mean, I was totally attracted to R even as a zombie.  Dave Franco anyone?  Very little on-screen time, but I was staring the entire time.  Yup, swooning the whole movie!  But don't forget that Teresa Palmer practically had 0 make up on... Yeah, I wish I looked that good.

Go see it!  There really is something enjoyable for everybody.

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