Friday, February 22, 2013

Author Event: Stephenie Meyer + Actors Jake Abel and Max Irons

Before I tell of the day's adventure, let me start off by acknowledging my sister's greatness.  Katie, you are the best sister ever for taking me to see Stephenie Meyer, Jake Abel, and Max Irons!

For somebody that's never driven into Philly, Katie did a fantastique job.  We only hit one other car... Kidding.  In reality, the only issue was gosh darn parking!  Where's a parking garage when you need one?  Around and around we continued to go, eventually finding a parking spot very close to the Free Library of Philadelphia.  Yay, except that $1= 30 minutes parking time.  And that's when you must go to the nearest Starbucks and raid their stash of quarters as well as get the hot dog street vendor to reluctantly give you 4 quarters.  In total, we had 3 hours time.  With all of the hype this event was getting, I thought we were undoubtedly getting a ticket.  Or at least Father would be.

From the email that I had received from the person at the library running the event, this is what he had intended the line to look like:

There is a possibility that I drew the arrows in the wrong direction, but it's only a possibility!

Here's what the line actually looked like:

20th St
Wood St

There was a maximum of 1,000 people.  However, it being a weekday at 11AM, only 400 people showed up.  I was definitely expecting more attendance from loyal Twilhards, but I am so glad they were otherwise occupied.  Still, we waited 1.5 hours in 35 degree cold.  4 layers, 2 pairs of jeans (wearing them on top of each other certainly felt strange), gloves, scarf, coat, and boots were not enough to bear the wrath of the winter air.  Fingers and toes were frozen while people inside were nice and toasty.  Really, when the library is that spacious, why were we left outside to wait?  Grr.  The building seemed to be taunting us as we shivered outside the barrier of warmth.
Chilling in line.  Punny.
Finally, we evaded the cold.  Except there was still a bit of a line inside.  Regaining feeling in our appendages, we definitely weren't going to complain.

Now the part that everyone really wants to read about, despite how exciting our tribulations with parking and the cold were.  I met Stephenie Meyer, and honestly she's weird.  Personally, I think she has been jaded by the enormous success of the Twilight Saga.  I have been to a number of book signings, all authors of acclaim.  Most have been NYT bestselling authors or have already had a movie deal.  Nonetheless, they were ALL excited, grateful, and willingly gave back to fans.  Stephenie Meyer seemed ungrateful and kinda annoyed to be there.  

Anyway, I asked about Midnight Sun since her last post about it on her website was in 2008.  The answer was that yeah, it's still a possibility but she's working on aliens right now.  I had walked on, but Katie was next in line and heard her say that she hated answering that question.  Now Katie and her psychologist ways has another theory about her being dark, but I think she's just "snooty" (Thank you, Crystal for the lovely word.)  

Stephenie Meyer
After Stephenie Meyer's table was Jake Abel's and Max Irons'.  There were a bunch of girls in front of the boys who were actually trying to get pictures, but I didn't know this. Thus, I thought you had to get in line again for them.  One of the library workers really confused me by saying to keep going.  I thought I was cutting all those people in line and preceded to their table confused and awkward.  In asking them the super important question, "Who coined the term 'love box'?" meaning the term they used in an interview to describe characters Ian and Jared in love with 2 girls in the one body since a "love triangle" wouldn't be apt. I forgot to ask them to sign the cover of the book right on their faces.  Sorry, Crystal!  And I forgot to take pictures.  But the answer was that it was a dual effort between the boys to come up with that term.

I wanted to get a picture of Max and Jake, but Katie thought we could get posed pictures with them despite the rules.  It ended pretty much after our turn, so we didn't have to wait long to get some personal pictures with them.  Haha to those people that camped out since 12:30 AM to get in line first.  Sometimes it pays to be late, just not when lateness means you must bring in treats to avoid detention!  The boys were taking group shots, and I was intimidated to ask for a solo picture.  But not to worry, Katie's beauty convinced them to take one with me:)  Max said yes to Katie but then he got pulled into taking a group shot.  Afterwards, he remembered his promise to Katie and I got the following picture out of Katie working her good looks:

Max Irons, me
He was very nice, waiting for the camera to get the right angle which was hard with all of the girls grabbing for Max and Jake's attention in a little roped off area (Getting pushed around, not fun).  He seemed charming, and frankly everything sounded better coming out of his mouth because he's British.

Jake was just as nice, and I'm sure he's just as good with the ladies despite the American accent.

Jake Abel, me

I've watched a lot of The Host interviews, and the actors seemed very nice (just look at how fun their bromance is), but I was a little surprised how kind and genuine they were to the fans.  They didn't say no to anyone.  And where was Stephenie Meyer at this time?  She was gone.

If The Host series becomes huge and Stephenie Meyer goes on tour, unless there is a famous person coming too, I am not going.  

Thanks again to my awesome sis for bringing me!


  1. Good stuff. Way to sacrifice the body to meet an established author.

    1. Never again for Stephenie Meyer. But if Suzanne Collins does this for Catching Fire, then I might be the nutty person camping out

  2. YOU MET JAKE ABEL AND MAX IRONS I AM SO FUCKING JEALOUS RIGHT NOW thats amazing ahh i wish i could've been there!

    1. this is a really cool blog by the way, i actually found it by google image searching max and jake's bromance because i was in one of those moods (but really when am i not in the mood for bromance) and i saw the picture of you with jake and i was like wait hold up isn't that carly so i clicked and voila

    2. Well, first thanks. And omg I can't believe you found this just searching on google!!im kinda obsessed with their bromance too:) I think I've watched way too many of their interviews at this point. They're just so awesome!


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