Saturday, February 02, 2013

My Thoughts on Translated/Adapted Books

For a French class assignment, I'm reading a Le fantôme de l'Opéra, edited by .  I'm reading the "adapted version for intermediate students."  Basically, I'm reading the dumbed down version.  No offense to anyone struggling with the text, but the chapters are barely 3 large print pages.  

On to the real question: Can a translated, or in this case adapted, version give the same effect as the original?

My answer: Hmm, well no.  The real thing is never the same as a simplified version for obvious reasons.  And a translated version, even if it's a very good translation, is never the same.  There are some words that just cannot be conveyed in other languages.  You never get the complete effect of what the author was going for, but you can sure get close.

I am really enjoying my modified version of the story.  I've seen the movie a few times, and I really like the music and story.  I think, though, once I finish up with this assignment I'll take a try at reading the original, French version.  Wish me luck!  I already know that will be tough to work through.

Your thoughts?

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