Wednesday, June 25, 2014

YA Prom

I'm a little late in the game for posting, but I had to join in!

Alexa and Gaby, two other book bloggers came up with "YA Prom."  Basically, you come up with your dream prom, providing pictures of the dress, the date (any book boyfriend of your choosing), and whatever else you can fathom.

Without further ado, here's mine...

This is the dress I originally picked and tweeted.

But, I've changed my mind.  I love Angelina's famous dress!  The slit is just high enough.


Noah Shaw from Michelle Hodkin's Mara Dyer trilogy.  I always pictured Max Irons as Noah, maybe because of their being British.

I miss my really short hair.

I didn't go to my real prom.  Instead, I went to Book Con.  I don't regret my choice because I'm not the type to go to prom.  Why would this awkward, introverted, dance-hating girl spend $110 just on the ticket?
But, I thought this idea was super cute and especially awesome when I saw everyone participating on Twitter.    

However, I'm putting my own little spin on this YA Prom.  No, Noah and I will not be attending the tradition, high school gathering where people feel the need to imbibe.  We're going to get all fancied up and head to my favorite restaurant--Vedge--in Philly as we try to outwit each other.  A perfectly simple night with the perfect fictional boy...
I hope you find your real life Noah.
Leave me a comment and tell me about your YA Prom : )
x Carly


  1. Love both dresses, first one a bit more but that's because when looking for mine I spent a lot of time looking for Grecian inspired dresses. And reading your reasons for not going to the real prom was pretty much like reading my own reasons.

    1. Thank you! I was getting the Greek vibe from the first one too. Did you end up going to prom? I know quite a few people who went to not feel weird about not wanting to go which makes me sad :/


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