Friday, June 06, 2014

The Night Before Our Stars

Last night, I saw the much anticipated The Fault in Our Stars film adaptation.  And it was WONDERFUL!

I went to the "special" showing so that I would be one of the first to see the movie.  This included a live streaming with the cast of the movie (a Q and A) and live performances from Birdy and Nat and Alex Wolf.  And the movie was shown before all of this extra stuff.

In my opinion, the "extras" were not worth it.  Oh wait, I did get the opportunity to see John Green's cameo in which he played a middle aged father to a girl that, asks Hazel about the tubes in her nose.  The scene was where Hazel lets the girl try her oxygen tubes on.  Though John Green's performance was stellar, this was a cut scene.  It had no place in the film.  It wouldn't have fit well because it wasn't a necessary, crucial moment.  Okay, I'll also admit that John Green was his usual, awkward self.

But that wasn't the best part about the Night Before Our Stars.

Birdy was amazing live, but when Alex Wolf played his song, the sound wasn't working.  The audience could hear him singing and see him strumming away at his guitar, but the microphone near the guitar was giving the show difficulty.  That Alex's performance turned into acapella though his body indicated the guitar being played for a minute was so funny to me.  Anyone else?

That's pretty much what happened at the Night Before Our Stars, so if you were bummed about not being able to attend, don't be. If I would have known, I would have gone to the movies tonight 6/6.  

As I said, I really liked the movie, so I'll mention a few thoughts on it in another post.

Until next time my imaginary readers,

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