Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Literary Spin on My High School Graduation

I graduated officially from high school this afternoon.  Yes, I had to wear the abominable, indestructible, ever so flattering (that's sarcasm) articles of clothing called a cap and gown.  But, this spin on honorary cords was pretty cool.  I must give it to you, Mr. K, though I wanted to have easy, simple cords that matched the others, these were memorable.  For one, I had to watch a YouTube video on how to tie a square knot.  Secondly, I pinned it on with a pin that I got from a Cassie Clare book signing where she signed City of Heavenly Fire.  It was an awesome event, one that I look back on positively since I got to talk with Cassie, unlike the TMI mall tour, and realized she's not a *EXPLICIT*.  She seemed to really love interacting with her fans, so I'm blaming the lameness of the mall tour on the sponsor Rue21. Grrrr!!

"The end is also the beginning..."

How true is that?

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