Saturday, December 22, 2012

We Survived the Apocalypse!

What a pretty picture for a day that was supposed to bring the end of the world.
Yay!!! 12/21/12 was just another day, yet there was all of this hype brought about by, truly, ignorance.  The Mayan calendar ended then, but that doesn't mean the end of the world like the world doesn't end every year after 12/31.  No, we just flip the calendar back to January and go through the twelve months again.

I will admit to making fun of these misinformed people who believed in this, and that might have been a little mean, but at least we all made it.

These ideas of apocalypses are extremely scary to fathom, don't you think?  Once someone like NASA says that there will be an apocalypse, I'll buy my little share of a shelter in someplace like Iowa.  Until then, I'll just believe those crazy things happen in books, and I'll list 5 of my favorite apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic books.

1. Life as We Knew it by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Books in The Last Survivor Series are written as journal entries, a format which I love because you get to know the entirety of the narrator's thoughts.  All of these books were very fast-paced.  Afterwards, I wanted to grab all of the batteries and cans from the store.  *This isn't a feel-good book like i usually read, but nonetheless just as intriguing.

2.  Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris

I just did a review of this one,but if you haven't read it, well it was very good.  The main characters have to figure out what is happening before time runs out.  The chapters each have countdowns showing how much time there is before the world ends, a pretty cool feature.

3.The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I think most people have read or seen one version of this work.  It is the paragon of this new dystopian, futuristic genre.  It really is the book that got super popular and started the interest in this genre.  I love this book, and I'm proud to say that I read it three years ago when people thought it was weird that I was reading about kids killing each other while everyone else was reading about vampires.  Isn't it odd how society has become so immune to violence?

4. The Road by Cormac McCarthy

I've never read it, but I've seen a tiny part of the movie.  I'm very interested in reading it because it's highly acclaimed, a Pulitzer   It's also pretty short.  Even though it's an adult fiction book I look forward to reading this super famous post-apocalyptic.

5. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

I had to throw it in here, especially with the new movie coming out shortly.  But the zombie apocalypse is a big talk right now.  Everybody's watching The Walking Dead, which is supposed to be frightening  or at least it is to my wimpy brother, and Warm Bodies portray zombies in a beautiful way which is refreshing.

More of an opinion, but I think it's funny and agree.
P.S. How did you spend your "last" day?

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