Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Authors Whom I've Met

I've never even considered going to a book signing until this year.  My advice is that if you've never done so, you should.  Odds are, the author is most likely funny.  I believe that intelligent people, which authors hopefully are, usually know exactly how to make people laugh.  Now I'm not saying that they're won't be any awkward moments.  Trust me, I've seen a ton of strange things go down at these.  I'll try to describe each instance in separate posts.

Chronological order I suppose:

  1. Marie Lu- Breathless Reads Tour
  2. Andrea Cremer- Breathless Reads Tour
  3. Beth Revis- Breathless Reads Tour
  4. Jessica Spotswood- Breathless Reads Tour
  5. Claudia Gray- Balthazar Tour
  6. Ally Carter- Out of Sight, Out of Time (with Rachel Hawkins)
  7. Rachel Hawkins- Spell bound (with Ally Carter)
  8. Aprilynne Pike- Dark Days Tour
  9. Bethany Griffin- Dark Days Tour
  10. Elizabeth Norris- Dark Days Tour
  11. David Levithan- NYPL Teen Author Reading Night
  12. Andrea Cremer- NYPL Teen Author Reading Night
  13. Kody Keplinger- NYPL Teen Author Reading Night
  14. Rebecca Serle- NYPL Teen Author Reading Night
  15. David Levithan- Every day Tour
  16. Andrea Cremer- Rift Tour
  17. Lemony Snicket- Who Could that be at this Hour? Tour
  18. Emma McLaughlin- Over You Tour
  19. Nicola Kraus- Over You Tour
As you can see, I was busy this year... and I stalk Andrea Cremer and David Levithan, but mostly Andrea:)

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