Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hey Guys!

So, I know Carly has mentioned me in several of her posts, but I think its fitting that i formally introduce myself. My name is Rachel and I'm an avid reader of the YA section plus whatever else. Realistic and historical fiction are my favorite genres and every so often the dystopian and paranormal worlds tickle my fancy. I try to read as much as I can but the unfortunate obstacle of school prevents me from doing so as often as I'd like. I am open to reading anything so recommendations are always welcome. Happy reading!


  1. rachelle, put that in the about section!

    1. Yeah, dummy. Hahah. I'm glad to see you here!
      i started to read Mara despite me being in the middle of over you. I'm going to be really busy these next 2 days not doing friday's homework but reading.

    2. I dont know how to work this bolg thing! its too complex i just read the books haha...and in the about section i will write a more in depth bio this was just an introduction that i exist and that im not just a figment of carly's imagination.

    3. Well, as we all know, I don't have too many friends and they are kinda younger than me(see the Lemony Snicket photo. However, we have a history that can't be erased. Best day at the airport ever.


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