Saturday, October 20, 2012

Author Signing: Over You by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

Earlier this afternoon, I went to Nordstrom for the ladies' author event.  While they signed copies of Over You, free makeovers by Estee Lauder were given to help "get over" your ex.  So, I brought 5 of their books.  This summer, at the NYPL Teen Author Reading Night, I had seen Emma and gotten 3 books signed.
The place was crowded, tons of girls getting their faces redone.  After locating the table, only Nicola was there signing.  Of course, I wasn't sure if she was Emma or Nicola so I surreptitiously looked at the book she was then signing to see whose name she wrote.  It was Nicola.  Right after she finished, Emma had walked up back from lunch.  What perfect timing! I gave them all my books, they signed them.  Emma sorta remembered me, wondering how some of the books were half signed by her, but then when I told her how we had met earlier, she pieced it together.
If you can't tell by the fact that I've decided to blog about books, I love them! I collect first editions and protect them in protective mylar which obviously protects them, but gives them a clean, sharp look.  If you're reading, Rachel, they were not the only authors I've met that thought they and my collection were cool, so yeah...
These authors were super sweet, and we all were smiley.  I got a picture with them, and I'm in a picture on their phone so I feel even cooler (As a nerd, these things make me happy.).  I'm thinking that the picture will show up on their Twitter, but I will post my photo below as well.  I know their books get mediocre ratings on Goodreads, but they were so friendly that I'm going to read all of their books in a row starting now, so get used to a lot of Emma and Nicola:)

I think this is one of the few, if not only, signing where something weird or awkward didn't happen.  You will enjoy those stories once I get to posting...

I feel out of place without red lipstick:(

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