Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


Pardon my crooked arrow.  I was sans stencil.

Mockingjay 2012

I finally got my power back.  Thanks a lot, Sandy (she says while glaring).  So I decided to carve my pumpkin since I now had light (thank goodness! Electricity is the greatest.) and carving in the dark is not the smartest idea. 
I worked on it, and then people in the house saw it.  No one knew what it is.  Seriously, someone asked if it was a witch on a broom.  It was a bit depressing that nobody recognized this iconic symbol!  This series is amazing , and if you haven't read it because you want to be the rebel, the "I'm not going to read this because everyone else is" kind of person, just give it a go. Suzanne Collins is an amazing writer (a review of HG will be up shortly).

Happy Halloween all! Be safe and don't get sick on candy tonight!

I made another one, and before I show the picture I must apologize to Ms. Jennifer Lawrence: Jennifer Lawrence, I am sorry for butchering your face.  It was not intended to go this way.

Katniss has seen better days.

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