Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jennifer Armentrout Book Signing

I had nothing to do today, so here I am at a Jennifer Armentrout/J. Lynn signing.  I've read two of her new adults, and I'm not a huge fan of her's but I came here for the entertainment.

There are no seats, and I am probably the youngest one here.  Seriously, all mamas are here.  

Jennifer is really cute! She's funny, but she seems a bit ditzy.  

I had picked up some books for her to sign, but I hate paperbacks, so I put them back.  I felt really bad about this, but guess what happened?

Everybody received raffle tickets.  Jennifer gave away swag packs, and I actually one one.  How funny, considering I got a ticket late and wasn't dying to win.  Also, she gave away a few invitations to join her for dinner.  How sweet of her publisher Spencer Hill!!! I've never seen that happen before! And she gave away books for each person that answered a question.  Over an hour later, they're still asking!!! My feet hurt from standing:(

When I get home and can empty this swag bag, I'll show you guys!


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