Saturday, November 23, 2013

James Dashner Signing

This week, I've concluded that children's authors are the nicest human beings on the planet.

This is one of the first times that I didn't grab all of the author's books before the signing.  I wasn't sure I would even go.  My friend bailed on me for homework, so I decided to go alone.

I absolutely hate Doylestown parking, especially when it is cold out.  I walked as fast as my legs could I go from like 5 blocks away.

Regardless, the line was huge!! Afterward, I realized that it was because so many parents with their kids were in line too.  Still, I waited over an hour to meet Mr. Dashner because he took the time to speak with everyone for a good 2 minutes.  Now, that doesn't seem long, but when you compare it to the usually,"Hey, how are you? Thanks for coming," it's an eternity.  But a refreshing eternity because Mr. Dashner is funny and great with kids.  He took photos and signed all books.  

My conversation with him was pretty nerdy, but typical of me.  He was impressed that I had a first printing of The Maze Runner.  He doesn't even have a copy.  When it first came out, he gave them out to his friends and family.  And he asked me if I was sick of iCarly jokes.  I don't get them too often, but at least people know how to spell my name now.

The Doylestown Bookshop was awesome as always.  Mr. Dashner didn't read from The Eye of Minds or even talk about it.  It was just a signing, but the bookstore had Jules' pizza and chocolate for the kiddies.  

Last thing- I checked out Mr. Dashner's tour schedule for The Eye of Minds.  25 cities in a month!  He deserves a break!!

James Dashner, Carly

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