Thursday, November 07, 2013

EXCERPT: A Graceful Mess by Nacole Stayton

Have you ever been so scared of something that the thought of it happening takes your breath away? That your chest actually feels tight and your mind races as you gasp for air, praying “not now, it isn’t my time yet.” That is exactly how I felt the moment I made eye contact with the owner of the gun that was pointed at my chest. I wasn’t afraid of him, or even his gun, per se; I was fearful of losing Grace. Scared of the look he had in his eyes when he whispered something to her. Pure hatred poured from his pores and clouded the air around us, and then his finger pulled the trigger. If you've never been in a life or death situation, it might be hard to explain what actually happens. You can read all of the books in the world, or watch those Lifetime movies I’ve seen my mother watching too many times to count, but until you are staring death in the face, it is an indescribable feeling.” –Parker, A Graceful Mess

Title: A Graceful Mess
Author: Nacole Stayton
Publication Date: August 25, 2013
Summary: Hiding behind the anguish from my past, my coyness seeps off of me like an aroma. I have felt like a stranger in my own skin, trying to claw my way out for far too long, allowing very few people to see past my façade…until my eyes met with his. I felt a sudden rush of energy all the way to my core. It jolted me in ways I never thought possible.

Never in a million years would I have expected to be in the mess I am today. It all leads back to the night Parker Porter turned my world upside down. The night his hazel eyes undressed me, peeling away the layers of the woman I tried so hard to be. He awoke desires that burned deep within me and changed me in one quick glance, leaving me vulnerable and exposed, picking up the shattered pieces of my carefully constructed life…a life I should not be living…a life I was not born into, but placed into by the state of Maine.

Parker opened a door that I am far from closing until I have answers and am able to face the life I was destined to live. I just have to decide if his love is worth the mess.

“They say be careful of the quiet ones.” –Grace


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