Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jennifer Armentrout Book Signing Part 2

See Part 1
Moi and Jennifer
Time for more pictures!!!  I didn't realize this was the launch event of Sentinel! I suppose that's why there were so many giveaways and such.
A table of freebies! (Photo by @bookrockbetty)
Yes, that is a cake!

Supply of what seemed to be endless, super cute cupcakes
I won SWAG


Swag on you, chillin by the fire while we eating fondue. (I had to.  I did.)
This event was super fun!I'm glad I decided to take a drive and go.  Jennifer talked for an hour, then signed for two.  There were a lot of people there, but she took the time to talk with everybody and sign each and every book.  My goodness, she is dedicated!!!!!! And she still had a dinner with 5 winners after the signing ending!  I can't believe Jennifer is that kind or that her publisher would give away so much.

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