Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Exclusive Excerpt: Break You by Jennifer Snyder

Blaire Hayes enjoys a quiet life, spending her days as a CNA at the local nursing home and nights studying for exams. She prefers things to be as uncomplicated as possible—but when her friends drag her to a party and she bumps into her high school crush, the path of Blaire’s life veers in an entirely different direction than what she had planned for herself.
 Jason Bryant created a nice life away from his hometown, putting distance between himself and the suffocating sadness of his father’s death. But when he finds out his grandfather’s health is deteriorating, he decides he must return home. Partying was not on his agenda while in town, but it’s how he bumps into Blaire Hayes—the girl he’d always thought of in high school as an unobtainable pass.
 Together the two learn there are moments in life that hold within them all the power to break you...
 (New Adult: Contains sexual situations, language, mature themes, and alcohol usage.)
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Jennifer Snyder  Bio:
Jennifer Snyder lives in North Carolina were she spends most of her time writing New Adult and Young Adult Fiction, reading, and struggling to stay on top of housework. She is a tea lover with an obsession for Post-it notes and smooth writing pens. Jennifer lives with her husband and two children, who endure listening to songs that spur inspiration on repeat and tolerate her love for all paranormal, teenage-targeted TV shows.


Break You Excerpt Two:
Taking a large swig of my drink, I place my hand in his. He picked my wristlet off the counter and crammed it into the oversized side pocket of his shorts. “Do you actually talk with that thing pressed to your ear?”
I nodded. “Yeah, it’s like the best invention ever—a cell-phone case and a wallet combined in one. Now I don’t have to lug my big-ass purse around wherever I go.”
“That’s hilarious.” He grinned. “I hope I get to see it in action tonight at some point.”
For the first time since I’d bought the thing, I questioned its functionality. Maybe I did look stupid with it pressed against my ear. A chuckle escaped me as we walked out to the mini dance floor.
“What’s so funny?” Jason asked. His lips nearly brushed against my ear in his effort to have me hear his words clearly. “Is your drink catching up with you?”
“That and the fact that I’ve always been so against using a Bluetooth because I didn’t want to look like a moron talking to myself…but then I bought a wallet that fits my phone inside and talk to it instead.” I laughed.
The giggles that bellowed from me now were unstoppable. My drink had caught up with me. Surely Jason thought I was a nut bag by now, either that or that I was the world’s cheapest drunk. Containing myself, I finished the remaining inch of drink resting in the bottom of my cup and then walked to a trash can close by.
“Funny thing, I feel the same way about those stupid Bluetooth things. I always think people are nuts when I see them talking to themselves in the store…then they either turn and I can see the doodad in their ear or the wires hanging down from the earbuds and that’s when I know.” His lips brushed against my ear this time and a shiver slid through me at the sensation.
Lauren’s words from earlier replayed in my mind—you didn’t agree to go out with him to talk and get to know one another… You agreed because you want what’s in his pants and you know it—and I gave into the sensation, the alcohol, and the night.

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