Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Simone Elkeles Signing!

My parents are the best.
And so is Simone Elkeles.

We drove an hour to Exton, got stuck in traffic, and then ate at this quaint, little restaurant before the signing.  We thought our timing was great, but that was not the case.

I was a half hour late to the signing because I thought it was at 7:30 instead if 7:00 for some reason.  I didn't know which questions were already asked, so I just didn't ask any.  I later found out the answer to my question on Twitter so all is swell.  

Simone Elkeles is hilarious and very personable! This woman is really serious about doing her research before putting out a book.  The stories ranged from visiting juvies for Return to Paradise to hanging out with cops.  

I got all of my books signed, and she took the time to talk and take pictures.  I appreciated this greatly as a huge fan. And with her intense tour schedule, this was super impressive! I wouldn't have been too fun to be around after all that travel.

I've finished reading Wild Cards, so a review should be up this weekend if I'm feeling really productive.  Go check out the book regardless!!! Simone Elkeles is fabulous ;)

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