Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting back to Business

Take one look at my blog over the last few months, and all you'll see is promo after promo.  Blitz, blast, spotlight, etc.  I'm a busy girl this year, because I decided to take hard classes.  What was I thinking? Anyway, I signed up for all of these things because I wanted to keep posting everyday even if I couldn't read and post reviews.  However, posting promo stuff actually takes a bit of time, and it is so laborious!!!

Today, I got into a bit of trouble with one of the blog tour companies because I didn't post at 6:00 AM.  Those authors that sign up to have their books promoted must be like kids on Christmas morning, checking all of the tour stops.  That was facetious if it wasn't conveyed through text.  I understand that the authors pay money to have these tours, but it's so annoying that I get in trouble for not having the post up at that second.  I had the post up by 6:30 AM which made me late.  Then, I get an email later because I didn't have the banner and excerpt.  Well, I did not sign up for an excerpt and I copied the file that was sent to me exactly.  I hate that these posts actually stress me out.  And what do I get in return for spamming my blog with promo?  A little more traffic?  I don't get any money for posting these so that's it for me...

My one year blog anniversary just passed, and it made me reflect what my blog has become.  I don't like what it has become.  So, today I decided to stop signing up for these promo posts, and go back to what the blog used to be.  I'll still post the ones that I've already agreed to because that would be irresponsible.  However, this blog was originally a place for reviews and author events or anything bookish that I found interesting and wanted to share.  Sure, I might lose some views, but at least it'll be mine and what I have a passion for.  My New Year's Resolution of posting every single day may just have died, but who sticks with them anyway?

Sticking to my roots

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