Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Ally Carter Signing

My friend Rachel actually introduce me to te Gallagher Girls last spring when Alky Carter came to my local Barnes and Noble for Out of Sight, Out of Time's release.  I just finished Only the Good Soy Young, and I'm not a crazy fan of the books since I started them when I was a bit older.  However, I feel the need to finish the series now that I've gotten this far, and Ally Carter is so nice so I want to read all of her stuff.
Last time I saw Ally, she toured with Rachel Hawkins, author of Hex Hall.  No wristbands were needed, and the crowd wasn't bad.  So, I got to the store 45 minutes early to do some homework and I was in the group that got stuff signed third!! My goodness, when did people start arriving? I noted that there were already no seats.  Ugh, what really annoys me is that there were parents taking up spots! Be aware and courteous and let other little girls have the spot!!! I spent the remainder of the time off in another area of the store doing homework.  
Then, once the signing commenced there was absolutely no where to even stand, so I was forced to be a creep and sit across the way.

I didn't pay too much attention to the question and answer because I'm not up to date on the books, and it was a little difficult to hear.  But, I noticed how enthusiastic Ally was with her fans.  She gets the same questions over and over, has been on tour for awhile, probably isn't getting the best sleep, but still really appreciates everyone coming out.
After waiting like 20 minutes, it was my tun to meet Ally.  She asked everyone what grade they were in, and when she asked me she asked if I was still in school .  God, I feel so old, especially coming to some book signings.  I'm a senior in high school for the record.  Also, she saw my tweet about being a creeper across the way.  That was pretty cool since sometimes it feels like people are so busy and get so many tweets that your's gets lost in the mix.  "Posed" pictures weren't allowed, but here's the picture I got with her.

I don't know if posed meant Ally getting up, but it's a nice picture nonetheless.  So, I'll be finishing he series eventually.  Most likely, I'll listen to the audio book.  My life is just so busy this year:/ I am left with no time for reading, for fun.

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