Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

The Frenchies don't celebrate Halloween, but we certainly do in America.  So to those celebrating, I hope you had a magnifique day! Or at least a day that wasn't bad.
I'm not one to dress up, so I chose a pretty low key costume, a shadowhunter.  No need to buy anything, just wear all black and make it work.  So I give you the too half if my outfit because I fail at taking full body selfies.

And for bottoms I wore black leggings that have leather accents running up the sides.  Unfortunately no slick leather boots, but I did wear black TOMS botas.

For my pumpkin, I wanted to do something literary, but do it subtlety.  Can you guess what I carved sans stencil ( which I'm pretty proud of!) ?  What logo is it is what I'm really asking.

  I broke off part of the nose!!!

Did you dress up or trick or treat tonight?

At least Halloween was on Halloween this year.  Stupid Sandy took the power!

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