Monday, October 28, 2013

I HAVE A FAN!: Lauren Kate Book Signing

Yesterday, Lauren Kate, author of the Fallen series and now Teardrop, came to my local Barnes and Noble.  The last time I picked up Fallen was when it came out.  I never continued with the series until last month in anticipation of going to the signing with my friend, Danielle, a major fan of Fallen.  I'm barely into Passion, and the ending of the series has been spoiled.

Before I went, I watched an interview of Lauren talking about her inspiration.  So, she was crying one day, really frustrated while writing Torment.  Her husband couldn't understand her, and she couldn't understand him, like the tears were a physical barrier separating the two of them. Her husband reached out and took one of her tears and placed near his eye, and then they just connected. I thought this was the most bizarre thing Id ever heard, and I am ad that when she told this story at the signing that she admitted it was the "weirdest, sexiest thing that's ever happened to [her]." I am reassured that she is sane for admitting it was weird:)

Lauren Kate was super sweet and funny.  She was talking about her research for Teardrop, reading all kinds of books about Atlantis.  When she said that she even read the cultish ones and that she didn't discriminate, I cracked up! She was just so cute!  It must be a rule that you must be funny and nice to be an author.  There have only been a few to have broken my hypothesis (Ahem Stephenie Meyer, Nicolas Sparks, and Cassandra Clare).

I bet you are intrigued by my heading.  This was definitely the coolest thing that has happened to me as a Twitter user/ blogger so far.  Someone recognized me from my Twitter picture and was already following! Woah!!! She was pretty sweet too.  Go follow her on Twitter @fallen_mgrl ! I can't stress it enough: Reading brings people together! I guess I reluctantly should add that so does social media:( I've found people's pictures on Twitter of them at book signings and then realized that I was there too, but I have never had this happen.  I feel kinda famous even though this girl follows anyone that's ever had one good tweet. Hahahahaha

Please excuse my emo hair.  I'm in need of a haircut(hairstyle recommendations welcome) and it was an all around bad hair day.

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