Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh, Carly! You Procrastinator!: National English Honor Society Inductions

Tonight was my NEHS inductions.  Now, my adviser is the type of guy who is laid back and kind of a throw it together last minute person.  Just getting the date of the induction set aside was a miracle.  I didn't expect to actually have an organized reading tonight.  Silly me.

So, tonight we sat in a big circle, introduced ourselves, and shared a meaningful passage from a book. My adviser/teacher started off and let everybody know that we had a week to pick out something special.  What was I doing at this time?  Flipping through Catching Fire trying to find something on the fly that had some sort of depth.  Of course, it's an honors society so everybody else had their pages bookmarked, flagged, highlighted, and ready to go.  Figures that I'm the only idiot searching last minute.

And what do I happen upon? The part where Madge tells Katniss to keep the mockingjay pin.  I was hoping for something about the mockingjay's significance, something that I would have probably found in The Hunger Games, but who knew there would be magic one flip of a page away.

I chose a passage about how the mockingjay was never meant to be a weapon, that the Capitol didn't take into account its ability to store genetic codes,... And somehow I pulled it stuff out of my butt about the symbolism of the mockingjay, it representing rebellion and resiliency.  I got to say, it turned out better than I thought.

Yes, this actually is one of my favorite books.  I do think the mockingjay is an important symbol.  It's on the cover of all of the books for goodness sake!  But it was just a funny moment in retrospect since I was the only one scrounging to find something among a group of well prepared, responsible students.  Funny how that seems to often be the situation.

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