Saturday, May 11, 2013

Book Haul

So, a week ago I went to a book sale at my local library.  You can read about that craziness here.

So what did I pick up?  Well, I'm not a fan of softcovers and that was pretty much all that was there for YA.  However, I got some books in French!  Now that may not seem very interesting, but you don't know how hard it is to find books in French.  I've looked on the Canadian site of Amazon and books are so expensive.  And paperback!! When I went to France, I got all of the Percy Jackson's and Hunger Games.  There was not a single hardback.  I thought it was bizarre.

Anyway, I got a new, not really, French-English dictionary(boring), Napoleon's autobiography, a giant book on the history of the French Revolution, and a book on the words of Tao.  The book on the French Rev is filled with neat pictures, and the Tao one has beautiful Asian drawings and really smooth paper!  You know you love feeling it too!

All of these books are written in French, so I will probably never read them knowing me, but they're nice just to have in case I want to practice and show up all of my classmates in French class!  But how cool is it just to have books on your shelf that are written in another language?  

And you book sniffers would enjoy their scent.

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