Sunday, May 05, 2013

A New Competitive Sport?: Library Sales

Yesterday, I went to a library book sale.  This was not my first rodeo since my father and I like to go to find that missing piece to fill our collection.  We know to go early and wait with the other book dealers.

I you've never been to a library book sale, you're going to get a kick out of his one.  Now, it's definitely not just this area where craziness ensues.  I live in a pretty nice area where people can afford nice books ( or just books in general since a hardback is now $20-$30!), but I'm quite positive these dealers would get feisty regardless of what was being sold.  It's only about the possibility of there being gold at one of these sales.

It was surprisingly nice outside when we we waiting or it to start.  We got there 20-30ish minutes before it started and there was already a line and no parking.  The little, old librarian comes out to say stuff along the lines of," Everybody be civil.  No pushing and shoving...."  Now that may seem kinda juvenile and the people behind me certainly expressed that but honestly, she's right.  
I was eating an apple, and I couldn't just leave it on the ground!  Right before the entrance, there was a trash can.  Clumsy me knocks off the top and has to reach down and put it back, this entire process taking less than 10 seconds because I'm a speedy devil. Meanwhile, the people behind me start walking around me, rushing to get down there.  Seriously, what are you going to find in those 10 seconds that is worth going around me?

Enter the book sale and there's everybody with their scanners, madly scanning the isbns of books to see if it would sell on the Internet for x amount.  It's a tiny room, and it just chaos down there! Personally, I think it's sad to see hat people are just taking boxfuls of books to sell not caring what the title is or eer intending to read them.  People have to make money doing whatever they can and I respect that, but it's just a wee but bizarre.  How much money can you 
Make selling used books?  How much time does it take to list them all?

I did pick up a few books for myself, just some things i thought were interesting to read.  I'll do another post on the stuff I got later this week, but I have to say that you should check out a library sale if you haven't ever been.  You might happen upon some treasures, but you can always find good stuff strictly for reading for cheap.  And of course you have to experience the odiferous, stressed book dealers and the animal like nature of humans.

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