Friday, May 24, 2013

Did that just Happen?: The Great Gatsby Movie Review

7/10 stars

I never read the book.  My English class read Adventures of Huck Finn while every other one read Gatsby.  I planned to read it, but it just didn't happen before seeing it.

The cast was great, from Leo DiCaprio to Tobey McGuire.  It may just be because I'm a diehard Titanic fan and am a shipper of Leo and Kate, but I thought the chemistry between Gatsby and Daisy was a bit weak.

The cinematography was amazing!  The costumes and party scenes had a great 1920s air to it.  Compared to the trailers which looked like they could have given someone a seizure, the movie was much gentler on the eye but still had a little punch.

I recently watched Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, and it is similar to Gatsby in that it has a historical setting but was full of modern music.  Some people think that this adds to the movie, allowing the audience to find a modern connection while others believe that it detracts from the historic atmosphere. I fall within the latter.  I didn't realize it until the credits, but Jay-Z is an executive producer of the film.  No wonder.

I know that the book was fairly short, so I'm kinda surprised that the movie ran so long.  My behind was hurting after sitting for so long!  It definitely could have been shorter.

Someone who has read the book, did the ending end like that?  That's really depressing if so.  I don't think I could like Daisy if that happened.

I know I didn't read it, but I can't come up with any possible themes for this book should i have to analyze it.  Was it a reflection of the wealthy at the time, or was Fitzgerald simply warning us not to fall in love, especially with someone who's taken.

Overall, I did like the movie.  Its been mixed reviews which I don't find odd.  I saw it with my sister who read it and she didn't like it but I did.  Perhaps wait until it comes out on DVD if you are tentative.


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