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Review: Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls by Tellulah Darling

Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting GirlsSam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls by Tellulah Darling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Actual rating: 3.75

Summary:Why the hell can’t chicks be more like guys?
That question plagues high school senior Sam Cruz. Sam is perfectly happy being a player. He just wishes girls wouldn’t change the game from sex to relationships. It makes him look like an asshole. But when Sam’s best friend, Ally Klinger, gets dumped, she begs him to transform her into someone who can screw around then screw off. No risk of heartbreak that way. It’s Sam’s chance to create the perfect female AND cheer up his best friend. Armed with Sam’s Three Step Guide to Backseat Success, Ally gets the game better than Sam thought she would and before long, Sam has his wish: the female version of himself. Too bad it’s driving him nuts. Told from Sam’s and Ally's alternating POVs, Sam Cruz’s Infallible Guide to Getting Girls is a fast-paced romantic comedy that follows these teens as they navigate the minefield of sex, love, and friendship. 
This book contains strong language, drinking, euphemisms, and lots of “bow chicka wow wow.”
I got this one from Netgalley. I started to read it because I actually know a boy by the same name, first and last, as the main male protagonist, Sam.

Characters: Any girl reading this will start to hate Sam from page 1. He's a womanizer, but after awhile it becomes evident that he has reasons for the way he acts. Additionally, some of the remarks he makes, though inappropriate, are funny. On the other hand, I kind of liked Ally. I could commiserate with her nerdiness, but I didn't like that she let one guy change her. Frankly, I didn't like the person she became- a girl who tried to treat guys as sexual conquests.

Plot: The plot was so predictable. I knew from the beginning Sam and Ally would end up together, but I still found it super cute. I'm a sucker for these happy ending stories, though. I found that the plot seemed a little bit too rushed with the book being too short to develop the story and characters.

Writing: The writing was pretty basic, but crude at many points. The content was mature to say the least. I like that this book was told through alternating POVs.

Would I recommend it to a friend? I would recommend this to someone who likes corny, predictable romances.

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