Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Library Giveaway: Holy Moley Guacamole!!!!


Wow!!!!! Beth Revis is spending big bucks on us! Shipping those books is quite the expense.  Many of these book are signed.  Wahoo! You guys know that signed books are my passion.  I actually have 10ish of these and saw Beth on the Breathless Tour, but this is such an amazing giveaway.  Whoever wins will be in for a nice treat.  I can't wait to see what Beth has planned for the winter holidays.  A whole bookstore next time?
I'm going to write my little entry right here.  Perhaps I'll inspire you.

On My Love of YA: Being within the YA range myself, I obviously commiserate with either the plot, maybe something of the realistic fiction genre, or the characters and how they come to terms with the problems thrown their way.  At this age, teenagers think the smallest things have the largest effects.  We're melodramatic, everything being at an extreme.  Reading YA books give me an escape from my "life-or-death" problems with my teachers, friends, or family.  Especially within the realms of fantasy or sci-fi, characters are battling issues that truly are a matter of life and death in their world.  However, the beauty of YA is that adults can read it too.  Contrary to popular belief, teenagers aren't stupid.  If we apply ourselves, we might have higher intelligence levels than the average "adult."  Thus, our books aren't for childish people.  The content may be more mellow than adult books, but sometimes all of the explicit details aren't necessary for the reader to become attached to the characters, to be thoroughly entertained, and to discover the joy of reading.  I wanted to break free of the YA because some of the content has become a little to immature, but I think I'm addicted to YA.  I will be that weird old person attending YA book events. Yes, she is me.

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