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Review: Life in Outer Space by Melissa Kiel

Life in Outer SpaceLife in Outer Space by Melissa Keil
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sam Kinnison is a geek, and he’s totally fine with that. He has his horror movies, his nerdy friends, World of Warcraft – and until Princess Leia turns up in his bedroom, he doesn’t have to worry about girls. 

Then Sam meets Camilla. She’s beautiful, friendly and completely irrelevant to his life. Sam is determined to ignore her, except that Camilla has a life of her own – and she’s decided that he’s going to be part of it.

Sam believes that everything he needs to know he can learn from the movies... but now it looks like he’s been watching the wrong ones.

Characters: I have no other way of describing Sam and Camilla than to say that they are the epitome of CUTE!!!!!!!!!! Sam's kind of quiet and is obsessed with movies.  He's really awkward and smart.  He's attractive, but he seems like a guy nobody would expect to be good looking because of his social status.  Camilla is the absolute sweetest! As the new girl, she's got everybody's attention, especially the popular jerks'.  She's nice to these guys, but she truly connects with Sam and his awesome friends!! Of Sam's buddies, Mike is my favorite.  He seems aloof and acts strangely, but he's loyal and thoughtful.

Plot: This is such a light, feel good read.  One of the book's best features is its witty, nerdy references.  They are mostly older horror movie references which I usually don't get, but I appreciate the ones referring to the bad teen movies from the 80s.  I feel like a pseudonerd because I didn't get some allusions, but it remains a fun read about young love among underdogs. 

Would I recommend this to a friend? YES! A friend recommended it to me, and not many people have rated it on goodreads.  I was a little hesitant to start the, but I'm glad I trusted my friend because this one's a good one to reread when you are sad.

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