Sunday, January 19, 2014

Book Signings Are Dangerous

I had a weird dream involving books and a signing, so I thought I'd share it here. I like to write down some of the weird ones since dreams could have meaning beyond the storyline of the dream.
I went to a Ransom Riggs, Tahereh Mafi, and some other person signing alone. It was in Worcester, MA where Im thinking about going to college. I brought a couple of books from home and bought some too. My friend, Danielle, said she couldn't make it, but she surprised me by showing up. I was super excited, and we explored the store, sat in on what  the less prominent authors were saying. Then, we realized we didn't have our purses.  As we turned the corner to see where we last put them, we saw a group of young, African American boys leave with them and escape through a black elevator. We ran over to it, only to discover it didn't operate automatically. Like entering the darkroom at my school, the sides of the cylindrical contraption had to be moved in order for the whole thing to move down.  It was like a spiral motion had to be put in place manually in order for the "elevator" to move. We were terrible at turning the sides because they were heavy! We got to a floor of a gym, and I asked a beautiful guy working there if he saw a group of Arican American men with purses that they were trying to sell. 
The guy was either stupid or playing me, but it was plain annoying. He assumed I was being racist for saying that African Americans stole them, but I explained that that's what happened. He wouldn't believe it and kept calling the situation hypothetical.  He was useless, and I was getting more peeved as the seconds went by.

In the elevator we went again, and we stopped at the floor of a night club. We looked to see if anyone had our purses.  We felt deflated when we found nothing.  We never called our parents because we didn't want them to worry.  What silly kids we are. Danielle had a plan to pretend we knew someone there, have he or she say something about the purses
 and then look to see who looks guilty.  And that's where I woke up. 

The things I most remember about this dream was feeling more upset about losing my books and missing the signing than loosing my wallet.  Always be careful about abandoning your purse for a second.  Book signings can be danegorus.

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