Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why My Librarian Annoys Me: My Hopefully Not Boring Complaints Part 2

Here's a continuation of my little blow up with my annoying librarian.  I just need to get it out because I couldn't do it in front of her.  That would have been stupid.  Why make her mad if she can kick me out of NHS?

So she told me to come talk with her.  As a good little girl who just wanted to make sense of this debacle, I went only to wait for her to talk to another teacher and then get on the phone.  And that's not rude, making me wait so that I am then late for my next class?  Thanks.  

I just did what I was told, that every faculty member knows that clinic takes precedence over everything and what do I get? An hour of service and using up one of my meetings that I'm allowed to miss. Great, so I'm one meeting away from getting kicked out of the club and I haven't even had the official inductions?  And a pass from the counselor, not the teacher, something with more weight doesn't suffice? What the hedoublehockeysticks?  And you know what the reply was when I said,"May I ask this without offending you?  Why is clinic not a viable reason to miss?"  She said then nobody would come to the meetings then.  So she just admitted that the students don't actually have any honor and would lie to get out of a meeting?  That's when I relized that I couldn't reason with this woman which is a shame because I really liked her.  Now she's just annoying and I start complaining to myself as soon as I leave the library.  

I guess I'm disappointing her, but she's getting a little psycho about having this one authority role.  Imagine if she hadn't liked me prior to his whole thing.  I think I would've been dunzo a long time ago.

Don't you hate when authority figures are aggravatingly abusing their power?  Maybe that's a little extreme but this is stupid.  I don't want to step on any more toes and tell the guidance counselor but why should I be on the verge of getting kicked out for trying to bring up a low grade?  How am I supposed to maintain a high GPA if I'm denied the right to get help?  Contradictory, non?

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