Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Don't Be Called Out on Your Bull: Fallacies

I've never done a post like this before. Its gonna be a mix of personal + venting + informative (at least I can hope). And it might be stupid to vent through a public blog but I don't have any followers anyway.

Alright, if you haven't figured it out by now I'm still a student in high school. So, physics is giving me problems and my grade's been going in the pooper considering I've always done well in school. After the meeting with my teacher and counselor, they decided it would be best that I get help from my teacher every single day after school. Ugh, I know, like 50 minutes isn't enough time with physics?
I knew ahead of time that today there was a National Honors Society(NHS) meeting that would be pretty important, but frankly I thought I could get out of it because my counsel said clinic(that specific time where you get help) takes precedence over all and I thought my advisor would have a heart. Ehh(is that how it is spelled?), wrong! I had my mother email the advisor because people never say no to parents. Yes, I thought that before I had her send it. However, my advisor sends her back a completely bogus email , so condescending. She threatened to penalize me if I did not come talk to her(uhh, how I would know to do so without her telling me is still a mystery to me? Maybe my spidey senses will kick in or I'll develop ESP. You know, either could come.). Coincidentally, I stopped by to give her money to join this stupid club that you have to join to put on your transcript to get into "good" colleges. And she told me that it wasn't a good idea to get mommy to fix my problems. Ok, that has validity but it always works:( I'm not even mad about that. No, she said that clinic is not an excuse to miss a dang meeting. Should I miss the extremely vital 15 minute meeting in May I will have to make it up with an hour of service. Ok, what the heck are you talking about for 15 minutes that requires an hours time to make up? You better be finding the cure to cancer. What I don't understand is this: how can I be expected to keep an above average GPA but denied the right to clinic? If my grades are sucky because I can't go to clinic, I'll get kicked out. Major fallacy.

And what is a fallacy? Its when your argument is backed sans reasoning. If you can see reasoning in that horse feathers I just mentioned then I don't know what because that doesn't make sense. Even high school sports teams force you to go to clinic if you need it. Its necessary to keeps a certain GPA in order to play so it makes a great deal of sense to get help if your struggling. Fallacies can come in all different ways, but if you can spot them, you win. Its impossible to defend a fallacy. Don't make them, don't make yourself look stupid. It takes a person with good sense to see fallacies. Despite how easy they seem to spot, so many people will get away with using them because people aren't ware of what a fallacy is.

I'm so aggravated right now.  Who does she think she is?  How can she go from the Blue Fairy(no, seriously she looks ans sounds like the fairy) on Once Upon of Time to the Wicked Witch?

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