Friday, April 05, 2013

I'm a Winner, Winner! : Reading Olympics 2013

I am a winner!  Well, I showed up to the competition and was on a team that got over 50 points so I got a blue ribbon automatically.  However, I really shouldn't have gotten this ribbon because I didn't answer any of the questions. I only read 4/45 books, so I was next to useless besides the questions on Divergent by Veronica Roth, but then again everybody read that book so I stand by my original position that I was next to useless.

The entire team owes it to Meghan and her twin for being an awesome captain! She knew the majority of the answers, having the devotion to actually read the titles and really was a huge part in our victory.  No one else could be more deserving of this ribbon, and I'm glad she was able to end senior year with a victory!

I have participated in Reading Olympics from 5th-8th grade and then again this year in 11th.  Last night I was reminded of the excitement, laughs, and competition that comes with the club.  I wish I had read more books, but now I know what to do for next year.  Watch out other schools in the county!

To any people in my school: This is a really cool club.  Or just join for the free shirt and pizza.

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