Thursday, April 04, 2013

Reading Olympics Competition Tonight!

Tonight's the big night!  It's the night of the competition.  reading Olympics is a county wide thing, the list varying for each area but the premise is simple.  You've got all year to read the books on the list, and then in April you get your team together and meet at one school where a whole bunch of other teams from all over come.  there are 3 rounds.  20 random but specific questions about the books are asked.  If the other team doesn't get the answer right, you have the opportunity to answer.  It's actually very fun, especially if you read the books, but I have only read 4/45 books so I think I'm going to be the LVP (Least valuable player).  And our team name is NERDS GONE WILD.  Wish us luck!!!!!!!

If you want to check out the list, look under "book challenges" because Crystal challenged herself to read them all.

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