Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Terrible Truth?

Oh, dear.  Please don't let this be true!!! Will books die, or will just their format become extinct??  Please don't let the world get stupid (or more stupid)!  Don't let literacy become truth...

I know for myself, I only read physical books for school because we're still using what feels like primitive technology in this ever changing world.  Otherwise, I read books on my phone because getting hit with a phone when you are dozing off hurts a lot less than my heavy Nook.

However, I still have shelves upon shelves of hardbacks that I refuse to read because most of them are signed.  Rachel mocks me for not having them but not reading them, but I must think about condition! My head is pretty hard and could leave some dents in the book.  Or worse, the page could rip as I release the book, falling into an incoherent slumber!!!!

I just love books.  They're beautiful on the shelf and can really brighten up the room.  I would be so sad if they disappeared.  But what this image says seems to strike true.  Children know how to use these high tech gadgets before knowing how to read.  What is the world coming to?  Why are we letting the knowledge slip away when competition is getting tougher?  Why are we letting ourselves get so dumb?

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