Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stephenie Meyer's Blunders: Plot Holes of Twilight

I've only read and seen the movies of the Twilight Saga up until Breaking Dawn.  I just can't bring myself to start that giant paperweight of a book!  Anyway, Crystal and have been talking a ton about The Host lately, so Twilight and its stupidity came up.

I'll post some of the texts we sent because honestly they're pretty funny.

1. How does a vampire actually impregnate someone?

Vampires are undead. They have no pulse, yet they can produce sperm? Um, ok. If they glitter in the sun, then I guess they can make sperm too. Whatever Stephenie Meyer says goes.

2. What happens when Bella's time of the month comes?

I guess it isn't a very glamorous subject, but what happens when Bella gets her period? How come Edward and his family don't "vamp out?" Even humans can smell the distinct scent period blood, though it sure isn't the most pleasant.

3. "I was born to be a vampire." -Bella Swan

So, Bella was born to die? She's not going to do anything significant with her life, all for love? This shows how poorly Bella regards herself. By saying this, she denies herself her potential possibly revealing that she doesn't have enough confidence to do something important. What's that teaching the already self conscious teenage population? That it's okay to be weak? I need a strong heroine in my books and more importantly in my life to look up to.

4. Bella falls apart after Edward leaves in New Moon.

Stephenie, what are you doing to us women??? Why did you portray Bella so distraught, so ruined to the point where she wanted to commit suicide once her man left? New Moon shows women completely inferior and independent upon men. Women have worked so hard for us to gain rights, so why has Stephenie Meyer showed us in this light?

5. Pedophiles and more pedophiles!

Edward being really old but looking 17 isn't nearly as terrible as Jacob and the newborn, but don't you think the age difference between Edward and Bella is a little weird? Regardless, Jacob imprinting with Renesmee, the newly born vampire child, is straight up creepy! Eww.

Did you like Twilight? Are you someone who loves to hate it?

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