Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Really Am Loved!

I have exciting news!!! I got my first request to do a review for a literary magazine One Teen Story and my subscription is paid for!!!!  I feel so special.  And it's actually legitimate   Established less than a year ago and it has already published short stories from accomplished authors like Gayle Forman.  Here's the details from the email verbatim so I don't mess anything up in my chaotic state of excitement: 
"We've been reading your blog, and we love the work that you're doing with teen literature. (We especially loved your reviews of Gayle's books.) We'd like to ask if you would be interested in reviewing an issue of One Teen Story. 
Regardless, we'd like to send you some back issues and a complimentary year-long subscription to One Teen Story. You'll receive one great short story about the teen experience every three weeks during the school year, including upcoming issues by authors such as J. Robert Lennon and our teenage One Teen Story contest winner, Nicole Acton." 
This is so cool!  I feel like an official reviewer and am so appreciative of One Teen Story and any other readers I have!  Thanks for the support which has pushed me forward when I really wanted to stop. 

Go check out this cool, new lit mag featuring your favorite authors!

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