Friday, January 25, 2013

Movie News: If I Stay by Gayle Forman- Chloe Moretz to play Mia!

Yup, Chloe Moretz is attached to the If I Stay movie adaptation!!

I like Chloe Moretz, and I'm excited to see her portraying Mia.  I loved Hugo, and I thought she was funny in 500 Days of Summer.  Honestly, I think she's going to be the next big actress and is definitely worth watching.

It seems that casting directors choose actors that are older than the characters so often.  I'm usually annoyed that they do this because people in their late twenties playing teenagers is a bit of a stretch. But for this book, because the subject matter is so mature, I thought they could get away with casting an older actress.   That's why I'm so surprised, but again, I'm excited to see her take on this role.

So, Chloe is 16, and Mia is supposed to be 17.  The age difference is practically nonexistent. However, Chloe looks pretty young on screen which affects who can be cast as Adam.  If you put in an actor too old, it'll look like pedophilia.  I can't think of any young actors who I would cast as Adam.

At the signing yesterday, Gayle said that the casting directors were considering musicians that could also act.  I still have no ideas...

I've seen suggestions for Adam by MTV.  They mentioned Thomas Dekker, Austin Butler, and Carter Jenkins.

Chloe Moretz
Thomas Dekker
Austin Butler
Carter Jenkins
Who do you want to play Adam?   

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