Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare Audio book Announcement

Breaking News!

The reader of the Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare audio book is... Daniel Sharman!

Daniel is a Brit best know for his role as Issac in Teen Wolf and Ares in Immortals.  

Cassandra Clare actually had the idea of choosing him.  She said:
During the casting process for the ‘Mortal Instruments’ movie, the casting director and I talked about probably every young actor in Hollywood. Daniel Sharman had just come off doing ‘Immortals,’ and I remember we talked about him as an actor who had huge talent and promise. When we were looking for someone who could read the ‘Clockwork Princess’ audiobook, I thought of him because he seemed like someone who could capture the parts of the narrative that require vulnerability as well as the ones that require a great grasp of action. 

I've listened to a little bit of Clockwork Prince, narrated by Ed Westwick and Molly Quinn.  First, these actors have beautiful voices in their natural tongue.  Otherwise, listening to it was pretty comical.  Just imagine a British guy speaking in a female American accent and an American girl in a British boy accent.  Maybe this should be a deterrent for Clockwork Princess, but I found it really entertaining and am looking forward to Daniel's narration.

What do you think of this pick?  Will you listen to the audio book or read it to yourself?


  1. Such an adventure! Oh how sad I am that the adventures have come to an end in this book. However, it was well written and kept me guessing til the end. The characters I have come to know and love gave me excitement, heartache, hope, joy, and love. Such vivid imagery of events, scenery and characters. Thank you Ms. Clare for such a delightful. I highly recommend all of her books if you like history, magic, and the fight of good vs. evil.

    1. I'm glad to hear that you liked it! I've only heard good things about it and will start it soon!


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