Sunday, January 27, 2013

Book turned Movie: Review- Silver Linings Playbook

My Rating: 8.5/10

I finally got around to seeing this, and I'm glad I did! I had no idea what this movie was about, but I wanted to see Jennifer Lawrence in a new role.

My Summary: Pat was institutionalized after he found his wife Nikki cheating on him with another teacher, who he then proceeded to beat up.  Later, Pat is diagnosed with bipolar disease.  He returns to live with his parents in the Philadelphia area, determined to get his life back together.  He believes working towards getting his old job and wife, whom he has a restraining order against, will make his life better again.  But better gets a whole new meaning when he meets Tiffany, a widow with a reputation of being deranged and promiscuous...

Wow! I would call this one a rom dram sprinkled with some com.  In other words, a romantic drama with comedic relief.  This story takes a look into the world of mental disorders, but still manages to leave you with an overall light and happy feeling.  It's about coping with struggle, love, and resiliency   Though I haven't watched too many of the movies Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence star in, I was impressed by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence's acting.  They were truly believable "crazy" people and equally pulled off being romantic interests.  To anyone else who lives near Philly or loves the place and its sports teams, it was kinda fun to look for all of the places that you recognize and recall the specific statistics about an Eagles or Phillies game.

Overall, go see it!  It was serious, funny, and cute.  There's something for everybody.  Or just go see it  to look at Bradley Cooper for 2 hours...

Book Info:

The Silver Linings Play BookThe Silver Linings Play Book by Matthew Quick

As I mentioned, this was originally a debut from Matthew Quick published in 2008.  Though I have not yet read it, I heard that the endings differed slightly.  After seeing this movie, I think I'll add it to my TBR list.


  1. A lighthearted look at mental illness and its effects on families. The movie also shows that with counseling, family support and positive psychology, one can change for the better. Very good acting by all but Jennifer Lawrence steals the show. Her portrayal of a needy, troubled woman was extremely good. This movie leaves you feeling good. Probably not the best movie of the year but worth a watch or two.

    1. I totally agree! I came out of the movie theater feeling happy after seeing it. I was glad to see Jennifer Lawrence take the Oscar.


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