Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Presents!

Yay!!! Santa read some of my list.  However, his eyesight must have deceived him to a degree.

Here are the James Dashner books: The 13th Reality and Book 1,2,4 of Jimmy Fincher Saga.  All are signed first editions which is quite an impressive find.  Those elves work wonders, I suppose!

The Rick Riordan books: Mission Road, Southtown, and limiteds of The Serpent's Shadoe, The Son of Neptune, and The House of Hades.  Santa also brought me a signed of the trade House of Hades even though I already have it.  He's got a lot of children to tend to, so one mess-up isn't bad.

Did you get any nerdy gifts?  Hope you have a nice day today if you are celebrating or doing other things.  I wish I could go to the movies.  I am jealous of my Jewish friends.

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