Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fallen by Lauren Kate Movie Cast

It's been super long that we have been waiting to hear who got cast in Lauren Kate's Fallen.  Remember when Lucy Hale was supposed to play Luce?  I thought the movie got dropped, but it's in full swing with casting for Luce and Daniel just announced.  So here we go...


MY THOUGHTS: Oh my goodness, these people are perfect in terms of physical looks!!!!!!!! I've never heard of Addison Timlin, and I only know that Jeremy Irvine was in War Horse, so I hope their acting is good.  This news has gotten me very excited for the movie.  Now, I've only read Fallen when it first came out, so I'm extremely fuzzy on the plot.  I can remember that there is an epic love triangle and Luce's school is full of angels, and that's about it.  What else do I need to know, right? Haha, I am going to continue on with the series because Lauren Kate will be visiting my local Barnes and Noble for the release of Teardrop, her new series.  My friend Dani and I are probably going to dress up with wings because we are nerdy like that and because it will be the Sunday before Halloween.  If you come to the signing, you will know who I am:)  I let you know when Cam is cast.  I can't wait to see who gets chosen!!

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