Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Poking Fun at Hipsters aka Myself

So, I was in Urban Outfitters today.  I'm not into buying anything here, so there I was perusing the store while my sister tried different, tiny articles of clothing on.  What do I spy?

This lovely book is about a guy attending Duke University for his masters degree, and in attempts to save money, he buys a van and lives in it to avoid room and board fees.  Instantly, I recognized this book because I had to read a section of it for an English class while we studied Romanticism.  It was a great excerpt, but I found it very funny finding this book about saving money in a store that charges $50 for a tee-shirt.

Oh, those hipsters!  They have their causes and are passionate about them, though they probably have come nowhere near facing problems such as these.  And the funny thing is that I think I am one of these people.  I actually refused to buy anything from Urban Outfitters because I like my thrift store clothes.  Thrift stores are awesome: They promote recycling (and thus decreasing the need for a child to produce more clothing in unfair working conditions), the proceeds usually go to charity, and you can find some unique things there.

I don't have any first hand experience with hunger or financial difficulties, and therefore I can see why people make fun of me and the hipster community. 

But then I got to thinking, and why is caring a bad thing?  In the end, it's awesome that Walden On Wheels is in Urban Outfitters because more people will be introduced to the topic.  More people will read it, learn of Ilgunas' message, and hopefully spread it.

Leave me a comment if there is a book that opened your eyes to an important issue.

x Carly

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