Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Want a Free Book?

A free book has never been easier to get your hands on.  So get on it, girl!!

How to win a freebie of $2.99 ebook 'Melancholic Delight' (pdf/epub)?

YOU MUST EMAIL Tista Ray (the author) at manosiray10@gmail.com and say whether of not you are interested in purchasing her upcoming book ONLY FOR YOU.

Book Blurb of Only for You:

It is said that people’s lives are tales of two great journeys - the pursuit of happiness and the search for true love.

Edward seems to have achieved one of these ultimate goals by falling in love with Daisy.

But in his quest for true love, will he be willing to let go of his one special friend, and perhaps, sacrifice his chance for happiness?

If there’s a choice between love and friendship, would Edward sacrifice one for the other? Would he be able to live with his choice and never ask himself what if he chose the other?

Reviews of ONLY FOR YOU

** Only For You provides a fascinating insight into a teenager’s life whilst falling in love. Edward’s conflicted feelings between his girlfriend and his best friend are endearing, and portray a relatable scenario for young people.Edward’s thoughts and emotions throughout are gripping and leave you keen to see how the events unfold.                       
           - Sophie Hedley (Goodreads Beta Reader)

** Read 1st  & 2nd chapters so far. I like where this is going. Looks like a great start with solid character development & storyline. Editing is awesome, it seems to really flow, and not choppy in any way at all.;)                                                                
-  MissyDevoursDelishReads (Goodreads Beta Reader)


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