Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Repost: Amazon launches Kindle Matchbook: discounted e-books for those who own the hard copy By Daniel Cooper

I want to say that this is an awesome idea, but I'm withholding my opinion until the program begins and I can see just how many ebooks you may get for free.  If it is just the classics that are free, then that sounds like a ripoff to me.  Well, business and money are involved, so I wouldn't doubt it.  Here's the link to the original article, but below is the important stuff.

When Amazon launched AutoRip, we looked at our bookshelves and wished that us readers would get something similar. Fortunately, the company had the same idea, and is now announcing Kindle Matchbook. In short, if you've bought one of 10,000 selected titles from Amazon, you'll be entitled to snag a digital copy for between $2.99 and nothing. The service launches in October and there's no limit on when the purchases were made -- meaning that you could be offered an awkward reminder of the literature you were gorging back in 1995.

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