Friday, September 06, 2013

My Birthday Presents!!!

So, my birthday situation is weird.  My birthday has always been September 1, even though my official documents say that it is September 10.  It was the 1st because my parents are strange and got a lawyer to fix my birth certificate so that I would only be one year behind my sister in school.  The brilliant lawyer did not tell us that this would cause issues later when I travel, get a driver's license, and receive Social Security benefits.  My birth certificate is now fixed!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I went jean shopping on September 1st.  I think my mother felt bad about my "faux birthday" as she calls it, so I got some awesome pants! As for my September 10th birthday, I just got money to spend because I'm hard to shop for.  And what did I buy???  Don't be silly, I bought books!!!! Yesterday, I received my first one in the mail.  If you are super curious, you can see which book it is on my Instagram, but it's a signed first edition.  What a beauty.  I think I'll just post a picture of everything once it comes in, but I'll post individuals on Instagram so make sure you are following me there.  Seriously, foll me!!!!! I only am at 21 followers.  This is SAD!

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