Friday, January 02, 2015

2014 Reflections and Moving Onward and Upward?

I probably should have done 2014 wrap-up things when everyone else was doing them.  So, basically I should have been doing my favorite books of 2014 and my 2104 accomplishments in 2014...

I admit to my shortcomings.  Once I started college, you would have thought that I dropped off the face of the planet if you look at Lis les Livres.  Alas, I have not died!  I just moved to a new place, had to make new friends, and took super fun classes (Sarcasm).  But, I'm really happy where I am regarding the university and my life there.

On to the bookish agenda...

I did not complete my Goodreads goal of reading 51 books in 2014.  However, I made it to 48 which I'll take with satisfaction.  That said, I will make a list of my favorites.

So far, I've finished one book over my winter break.  I have not been motivated to read because there is no book that excites me.  If you have any recommendations, let me know so I can start 2015 by ceasing my reading slump.

I have to be honest, I don't know how much reading I'll do over the semester.  I'm too busy parting.  More like studying into the early morning and having the book/ laptop fall on your face when your body succumbs to sleep.

Don't worry though, my lovely, loyal readers.  I will not abandon my blog.  I worked to hard on it to let it die.  I've got breaks, and I have a summer.  I can do it.

Something that I want to do, and I've been saying this for awhile, is to transition to adult books.  However, my shelves are full of YA or middle grade novels, many of which I haven't read.  I have an attachment to them, and I feel bad for not reading a lot of them, but I want a more challenging read.  I want something with more mature themes.  But no more new adult.


  1. How do you feel about adult mystery, adventure, time travel? I have a new book releasing soon. I'd be happy to send you an ARC if you wanted to review it. You can find the blurb, excerpt and book trailer on my website

    1. Your new book is the second in a series, correct? I very much appreciate the offer, but I'm going to be very busy with my studies this semester. I wish you the best!


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