Thursday, September 04, 2014

Update on My Bookish Class

I'm back to tell you about my adventures in college!  Well no parties or drinking... I'm not that interesting.  Instead, let's talk about my class called "The Secret Lives of Books."  Basically, this is a class about book history.  So far, it has been a disappointment.  The assignments are dreadfully boring, but yesterday we went into the rare book room on campus to look at old books.

You should have seen the email that the professor sent out prior to the class.  Yes, I agree with everything she said, but reading it was comical.  She wrote to wash your hands, pull your hair back, don't touch your face or hair.  She made this business sound super serious, which it is but at the same time, this email was so entertaining to read.

I guess you're wondering what kinds of things I learn in this class.  Well, it's stuff like literally looking at a book and being able to figure out its history.  We look at the bindings and leaves and search for clues as to how it was made or used.

I hope this class gets more interesting.

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