Saturday, July 20, 2013

I was Sorely Missed, Wasn't I?

Hey everyone!

I'm back from my aventures en Europe! I was really busy and really messed up my New Year's resolution of posting everyday.  Oh well:(  I should have done a lot more homework these past days because of the long train rides, but I read instead!

The Atomium, Brussels

Parc du Cinquantenaire, Brussels

Train ride to Interlaken


Port Vieux, Marseille

Chateau D'If, Marseille

So, more reviews to come... and it's pretty nice to be able to blog on a real computer that doesn't operate on Windows 98.  Boy, that was a nightmare!!! Don't ever rent an apartment from a lady named Monserrat in Barcelona.  She is el diablo!  I wish I spoke Spanish...
Look at this dinosaur!

It's good to be back.  And now to get back to the books.

Lis les livres,

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