Friday, July 01, 2016

Book Haul: Phoenix Books, Burlington VT

I am in Vermont for the summer, and of course I visited their bookstores.  Off of Church St in Burlington lies Phoenix Books.  It is a small store filled with the bestsellers and bookish art that you'd find on Etsy.  Downstairs is the bargain basement.  Here are the remainder marked books which I absolutely do not like buying for my collection.  However, I picked up a remaindered Vegan Express.  Who cares if a cookbook is remaindered?  Someone will probably spill food on it anyway.

Another thing I got from the Bargain Basement was an iPad case.  There are cats on it!! And it was $5.

From upstairs, I grabbed The Fireman by Joe Hill (which I still have not started, bad Carly).  The bookseller told me that the book is getting great review but the sales are poor.  How sad, but once I start reading it and liking it, I will promote it.

I liked Phoenix Books better than Crow Bookstore (Booksellers?) on Church St.  There, everything is jammed into small space, and it feels claustrophobic and not relaxing like how a bookstore should be.

Check out both stores, and tell me what you think of them!  What do you think of my iPad case?

Remember to support your indie booksellers!

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