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Review- Metamorphasis: Junior Year by Betsy Franco

Metamorphosis: Junior YearMetamorphosis: Junior Year by Betsy Franco

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

He’s a young artist obsessed with myths. But can he fix his own fate? Acclaimed author Betsy Franco and her talented son collaborate on a hip YA novel of "epic" proportions.

Life. Love. Death. Identity. Ovid’s got a lot on his mind, and he pours it all — as confessions, observations, narrative poems, and drawings — into the pages of a notebook. Inspired by his namesake, he wryly records his classmates’ dramas as modern-day Roman mythology. There’s Sophie and Caleb, the Psyche and Cupid of cyber-couples; poetic Paula, who pursues filmmaker Franny like Apollo chasing Daphne; and graphic novelist Duwayne, a Proserpina shuttling between divorced parents. Meanwhile, Ovid hides his own Olympian struggles: his meth addict sister Thena has run off, leaving him with a suffocating home life and a disturbing secret. In her striking YA debut, Betsy Franco introduces an expressive soul with a heartbreakingly authentic voice. Fantastical ink illustrations by her son Tom Franco enhance the intimate tone, delving deep into one intriguing teen’s imagination.

Characters: Sometimes it seemed that there were a bit too many characters for such a small book.  I'm not sure I like Ovid, but I guess that's the point.  He's too pessimistic for my taste, and yet I felt sorry for him.  

Plot: All of the characters are intermingled into one plot, Ovid's story.  Personally, the plot was slow.  There is definitely mature content in here, and therefore mature language as well so be aware of that.  If you've ever read any other Betsy Franco, you might be in for a surprise because all of her other books are picture books.  But then again, why would these books have the same audience?

Audiobook: Lets's be honest.  The only reason why I chose to read this book is because James and Dave Franco narrate.  Dave reads more than James.  I think Dave did a nice job playing the tortured teen, but I'm biased because I'm a fan.  Regardless, this book isn't even 2 hours long, so go for it!

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